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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Davao City's Home-grown NCCC Mall

Early Origin

Founder, Lim Tian Siu, grew up in Chin Kang, Fukien, China in 1919. At 14, he sailed for Manila earning his keep as a cigarette factory worker until he was promoted as a sales agent. Manila was then a promise land for migrants and he was able to survive and harvest its fruits together with a growing family. When war broke out in Manila on December, 1941, the Lim family moved out of city, which was heavily occupied with Japanese forces and, settled at the outskirts cultivating a piece of land saved up before the war. Their survival relied heavily on their farm produce.
Davao City's Home-grown NCCC Mall Building Davao Region Philippines

When the war ended, Manila was heavily destroyed and the family decided to move from Manila to Cotabato City, a thriving business center in South-Central Mindanao, where they were able to put up a small trading business to include a buying and selling involving freshwater eels. This initial venture was shortlived, as the first store was burned.

With the aid of relatives, Lim Tian Siu, his spouse, Ko Giok Loo, and his family moved to Davao City, and ventured into the textile business in 1952. Starting the business with seven employees and a renewed strength to pursue greater returns from his business, the textile business was a success. But, once again, his strength of character was tested, as the textile store burned to the ground.

New Beginnings

With the undiminished support of his suppliers, Lim Tian Siu and his family were able to rebuild their business. Suppliers continued to provide him merchandise while he was rebuilding their outlet in Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, Davao City, and customers as far as Cotabato City, still kept their ties by continually buying stocks from his outlet.
Davao City's Home-grown NCCC Mall Company Logo Davao Region Philippines

1978 proved to be a good year for him and his family as they were able to pay off their debts and acquire the building of the first textile mart. His eldest son, Henry, was instrumental in the expansion of the business, which by now included a supermarket, as well as a department store in a new location along Ramon Magsaysay where NCCC Main Magsaysay now stands.

Rising the New Heights

NCCC's expansion was not limited to Davao City but in other areas as well. Soon after, a branch in the-then town, Tagum, a one hour drive from Davao City was built in 1987, the following year NCCC Main Magsaysay acquired the KIN Davao building at the corner of Lizada and Ramon Magsaysay Avenue.

In 1991, the owners' business acumen as pioneers also allowed them to build a landmark in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan; to expand NCCC Tagum into NCCC Mall Tagum; and launch its first express oulet, the NCX in 2002. But by far, the largest and boldest step is set to be made as NCCC opened its biggest store in December 2003, NCCC Mall Davao, at the corner of MacArthur Highway and Ma-a Road, Davao City.

Davao City's Home-grown NCCC Mall Perspective Davao Region Philippines

More than thirty years of Value Shopping

Within thirty years, it has provided its customers with the best priced quality products and services. NCCC has diversified to include, breads and pastries from Breadfactory, health and pharmaceutical products from HB1, hardware and do-it-yourself home fixtures from Hardwaremaxx, perfect film and digital pictures from Kodakan, your one-stop bowling, pool, KTV spot and restobar with B3, and quality movie releases in a lively acoustic theater set-up at NCCC Cinemas.

In 2006, NCCC opened a wholesale outlet at the Puerto Princesa Integrated Bus Terminal in Palawan; an NCCC Express opened at Lachmi Mall Bolton in January, and in October reached out to its Matina residents with the opening of NCCC Centerpoint at Matina Crossing, both in Davao City.

Two years after, HB1 opened its eight branch on May 27 at the corner of Quezon Boulevard and Artiaga Street, its ninth store opened on August 8 at the Metro Lifestyle Building, Jacinto Extension, with its current outlet along Cabantian Road on November 30. In 2009. In 2009, HB1 targets to open three branches, its 11th at Puan opened on May 10, while its 12th outlet in Mintal commenced operation on May 24.
Davao City's Home-grown NCCC Mall Inside Activity Center Davao Region Philippines

Meanwhile, NCCC Department Store and Hardwaremaxx opened outlets on November 11 and 30, respectively at Lachmi Mall, San Pedro Street. In 2009, NCCC Department Store expanded its operations at Lachmi Mall on May 24.

On September 26, Calinan residents shall experience shopping convenience as NCCC opens it supermarket, department store, and HB1 outlets.

Meanwhile, northern residents in Sasa, Panacan, Tibungco and Lasang have its fifth branch at NCCC Panacan in Davao City. Opened on October 28, it includes NCCC Supermarket, Breadfactory, Hardwaremaxx, HB1 and food tenant outlets.

Coinciding with the opening of NCCC Panacan, HB1 launched its 15th store at Wisons Shopping Center along Pichon Street in downtown Davao.

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