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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Davao Wildwater Adventure

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Planning a trip to Davao? 

Well, this Wildwater Adventure should not be missed on your itinerary! Make sure to reserve early to get a slot, just call or text 0920-9546898/0920-9546897. Davao rafting is a whole-day activity, meet up starts at 8am at the Crocodile Park and will end around 4pm. Better be early and not miss the briefing.

When we got there, we were welcomed with an awesome greeting – “Today, is a good day to die, Guys!” Hahaha! We were also asked to watch their short video with all the rafts capsizing and everything in adrenaline rush. You might get scared with the video but don’t be cause you will really miss a LOT of FUN and Adventure if you back out!

It was an hour drive going to the river, so the waiting time was really so crazy!
When we got to the spot, we were asked to put on our helmets and vest, and got our own paddle. There was a short briefing again on the do’s and don’ts. We even had some practice on the basic, proper way to rescue someone in the water.

Paddle or Die?! Paddling is easy and instructions are so simple to follow, you just have to listen to your guide when he says – Forward – paddle forward, Backward – paddle backward, Hi-5 – put up your paddle, Stop – simply stop and just hold on to the boat.
Ready to bump those rocks and get in those rapids? Weeeeee! As you can see in our photos, it was so much fun getting in those rapids, swirling, almost flying, bumping, one crazy, wild ride and with all the shouts of excitement!

Hi-Fives, put up your paddles! This is done whenever you’re about to finish one rapid, feeling some success overcoming a rapid and enjoying that moment with your raft mates. :) Well, getting the best Hi-Five shot really takes some practice…at first your paddles will be up but in all crazy positions and you might even hit the person beside you. Always be alert on whatever might hit you – a paddle or someone in your raft.

Well, I think we got a perfect Hi-Five shot! :) Just look at our faces – I survived the rapids faces! :D

By the way, if you’re thinking of getting hungry, don’t worry cause they will provide packed lunch and you guys will have a stopover somewhere. The packed lunches were good, we had fried chicken, sweet and sour fish, rice and boiled egg. They also provided 2 bottled waters and 1 juice during the activity.

Some important reminders: Wear a rashguard as you will really get sun-burned and have more protection in case you fall. Put sunblock, the highest SPF and even re-apply during the whole activity. Do not wear any accessories and leave all items in the locker. Just bring yourself as everything will surely get wet and wild!

Yes, we all enjoyed our first Davao Wildwater Adventure! If ever we come back, maybe we can do it again…hahaha! Lucky and thankful that we survived and nothing bad happened to any of us. By the way, capsizing of the raft is an option during the tour, if you choose to get wild then go ahead and tell your river guide else just stick to the mid and just enjoy the rapids smoothly. We just didn’t have all the fun and adventure but the whole river exploration was also an experience to appreciate nature that you don’t usually see, there’s still something good even if it’s something wild and can kill you! Haha! :P

I hope you can visit Davao and experience this wildwater rafting with the best team of river guides at Davao Wildwater Adventure. Thanks to our river guide Kuya Deo, he’s so good and the best one for us! Hehe!
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