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Friday, May 13, 2016

Nostradamus Predicted the Duterte Presidency

I just found this amazing video from youtube that Nostradamus was able to predict our 16th President of the Philippines to be Rody Duterte from the South of The Land of Promise. This may just be a prediction but it is indeed amazing that the great Nostradamus was able to see about Duterte.

Here is the English translation (copyright to the owner): 

“The Peace and Justice and the Blood of Love” From the Blessed Land Of Promise of the South Eastern…
“The SUN of divinity holding the 8th fire will burn all nations having the power of the 3 stars (Philippine Flag)
“Blessed are you Land of Promise, the golden 8 sunbeams shine (Philippine Flag) as noon day will shine from you”
“At the Southern area He (Duterte) will be born in the Year of the SERPENT” (1989, started his might in Davao)”
“And will start his work at the year of the TIGER (2010, He will be known all over the Philippines)
“Land of Promise! (Philippines) the place where the Greatest Lover will arise” Glory to the Moon who became SUN!!!” (From murder capital to now safest city)
“This is the Glory of all Glory, the Hope of all Ages is born at the City of Eagle (Davao)…and will end his final missiom at the Largest City”…
“Blessed are you Land of Promise! (Philippines) the restorer of the Universe!!!”
“Thanks of all Thanks to you, SUN OF MEN (Son of Man) Thanks for your light.”

Watch the video here:
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